Septic Inspections In
Duncan, Cowichan Valley & South Island

Know what your working with

Whether you are buying, selling, or staying put, an inspection is a great way to determine the health and maintenance needs of your home’s septic system. If you’ve never had your septic serviced, or are lacking documentation, an inspection can help fill in the gaps. A septic inspection is also a great way to prevent unexpected, hazardous, and expensive emergencies.

What is a Septic Inspection?

A septic system inspection involves a certified, knowledgeable person compiling information about the location and performance of the septic system. A report will be created and will include how the system has been performing and how it should perform based on expected usage.

This report will be submitted with an accurate drawing of the system and its components.

Real Estate Inspections

A real estate inspection is an excellent service to gather pre-sale information. All real estate inspections are conducted by highly qualified, Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioners (ROWPs). When it comes to buying a home, having more knowledge always works in your favour.

In some situations, an inspection of your septic system is necessary to obtain a building permit for an addition or renovation to an existing property.

The Technology

We use high-resolution pipe cameras to get a good look at the conditions inside your septic tank. Locating equipment and “Sonde” locators are also used to locate certain “impossible-to-locate” tanks.

Your inspection will be followed by a full system report that is supplemented with accurate site drawings and photos you can use for future reference.