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If you are getting ready to sell your home and you would like to know the condition of your septic system then call us to perform an inspection. We assess the health of your system and recommend repairs if any. We will also provide a report explaining the condition of your septic system which you can use to show evidence of your system’s health to potential buyers.


Septic systems can be very expensive to replace or repair and so it is very important that you know what kind of a system is servicing your house. You will want to know the maintenance requirements and the overall condition and health of the system that will one day be yours.


If you have clients who are needing a Real Estate Inspection performed to satisfy conditions for your sale, then call ACE. Our inspectors are ROWP certified and we provide for you a very detailed report with recommendations. The costs for a typical inspection are between five and seven hundred dollars.  We give a range of cost because of variables at each inspection site.  Some cost more due to travel costs,  and some due to the access to tankage and field components

Before we can have access to a property to do the inspection we require a buyer’s authorization and a sellers’s authorization forms to be filled out and returned to
Onsite Sewerage System Inspections Department at least 2 days before the inspection.